Friday, February 9, 2007

athens is okay (show report)

athens is a pretty friendly town. people here talk more at shows, but i think that's because they mosh less. and in a way, moshing is friendlier than talking. but it is still okay. i think i might have hit someone in the face with that beer can, and i am sorry.
it is pretty easy to walk around athens. but that may be because it is so small. the records stores are good, but i heard one closed down that everyone says was the really good one. speaking of records, there are many famous bands from athens. check your record collection for these following athens artists: american cheeseburger, long legged woman, gasmask and matchsticks, pink floyd. we even saw the bass player from pylon last night at a resturant and thought about mugging him. then we remembered he was probably poor if he was still in athens. i got justin from long legged woman to sign my chest at the show.
the show was fun. lots of hugs and congratualtions. swamp ape constructed their evil monolith inside the club only to shatter it into a million tiny shards which cut our faces up. gasmasks and matchsticks unleashed staggered waves of napalm, concussion bombs, and automatic weapon fire. hibernation is the band i am in and i think we were all right also. long legged woman rounded it out with surf rock propelled by 11 point richter scale tsunami wavelengths.
all in all athens is okay. they have really good resturants, so it is livable.

indulging my boredom,

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