Monday, February 5, 2007


Yes, I agree, that dude in the orange looks so ill. History lesson time. For all y'all that don't know this is Battle Fever J. If you're thinking that it looks like a certain bullshit american show, you're right. But this shit has been going on in Japan since the mid 70's and it's way more violent and rad than it's American counterpart, and still going in Japan. In Japan these shows are called 'super sentai'(sentai means 'task force). You're also probably wondering why these guys look so ill, and how could anybody possibley conceive of such illness. Well, their names, which are written next to them are from left to right: Battle Kossak, Battle France, Battle Japan, Battle Kenya(the black one), and Battle America(the skank). I hope this is what the future UN looks like, they really should take a note from these OGs.

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articlescollective said...

i love that we get the slut

Richardoom said...

who is more of a whore than america?