Saturday, March 31, 2007

tellin' y'all right now it's gonna be a cold summer...

To whom it may concern: Hibernation is not just for the winter. In fact, a veritable flurry of (in)activity is coming up soon. If anything changes I'll update this list, but as of now this is what I know:
April 21st: at the secret squirrel in athens.
May 10th: at the Wrister house ATL w/ Dogme 95, Princess (Chi), YAA! (if they want to), +1 more.
May 11th: athens maybe (probably).
mid-late May (I think it's the 17th): at the Teahouse ATL for Alaska Records release show.

We will be debuting guaranteed hott summer jams such as "Mr. Bush goes to Americus, "Thumbellina huffing gasoline," and "Hello 911 can you hear me? I've stuck a screwdriver in my ear and can't hear anything."
Hibernation: Blasting the farmer's tan off of crackers like it was a bad tattoo.

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