Sunday, May 20, 2007


just in case anyone from atlanta wanted to enjoy the tunes also, this is in athens on the 25th of May (next friday). times copied from Long Legged Woman:

all times PM: 6:00 - drinkin'/bar-b-que? 8:00 - Long Legged Woman/Gasmask & Matchsticks Newtown Family Big Band 8:30 - And Friends 9:00 - The Diamond Center 9:30 - Paper Tanks 10:00 - Better People 10:30 - Swamp Ape 11:00 - Hibernation 12:00 - Mouser 1:00 - Psychic Hearts ..... this show has been MOVED to the belly of the beast house on athens ave. due to landlord troubles on atl ave. STILL HAPPENING, STILL IN NEWTOWN

(oh yeah, newtown is pretty awesome. this crackhead guy gave justin some sweet air force ones this one time)

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