Thursday, July 5, 2007

the ULTIMATE cali post

holy shit, ive done so much i can hardly fit it on this page.

truckee fishing with the pops

its beautiful up there

theres graffiti in the wilderness!!!

this ones for joe - my first excursion to SF, spotted on haight

reppin slime and bone to the sfPD

a healthy reunion in the park

alyssa and i rode 18 miles along the american river, past fulsom prison all the way to fulsom lake. it was so tight.

spotted in a tunnel near mile marker 30

finally reaching the lake was amazing since its all uphill the entire way up there. allllll downhill on the way back though... so awesome.

delicious sno cones... so tasty and coooolllllllllllld.

visiting san jose to see this 106 room mansion called the winchester house. this lady was 4'10" and inhereted the winchester rifle riches. spirits told her to never finish building her house, it was crazy.

surprisingly they had the best arcade ive ever seen though

another ill arcade game. anyone ever seen this? NOT PICTURED - the maroKart arcade game that i played that takes your picture with a mustache or mushroom hat and uses it as an icon. amazing.

also in san jose - egyptian mesuem

also for joe - does this look like an alien to anyone else? actual egyptian artifact.

this looks exactly like my dad. and after 4 hours in a car it seems really funny.


really bored

so we came down to SF again for SUNN O))) and Earth. amazing. we stayed at the metropark hotel on divisidero and it was awasome and tiny. plus it had a cool fire escape you could crawl out on and a cool view for people watching (mass metal migration)

dylan carlson got a lil chunky but RIPS nonetheless

visiting the japanese tea garden in golden gate park

i could do this forever

the meadow where we napped before earth's second performance at amoeba records the next day. its crazy to be in such a huge city and have such a huge greenspace to ourselves.

bye bye SF!


much love and kindness from cali,
going to love being back in atlanta on sunday.

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zarlacc ape said...

damn, what a killer post. we miss you both. yo ! man that trip looks fun as a fuck , when you return you're gonna have to chill in a dark room for a while to balance things out