Friday, September 21, 2007


The TSA is the most bored organization in the fucking world. Therefore, when anyone walks in an airport wearing a sweatshirt with some dumb shit on it they automatically jump on it like flies to DOoDOo. How much further can this garbage go? And how 'careful' are we supposed to be.

Shouldnt they be the ones that are 'careful' about who they point their guns at?
According to the judge, shes 'lucky shes in jail and not a bodybag'.

Also, i think its funny that they point out the LED's since its in BOSTON and apparently they think that any 'bomb' that might occur is going to BLINK and be somewhere incredibly obvious.

Let me say this once again. This shit has gotten out of hand.

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esteban said...

"Why would you do this at this time... this stage in our nation's history." haha. A) that doesn't fucking make sense. B) Yes, these are troublesome times with news reporters passing direct judgements upon people's actions and their interpretation of their rights.