Monday, October 22, 2007


Wondering whats going on for haloween?
this friday chapter 13 (aka the unholiest 13th chapter) and swamp ape (feat. the holiday hum death orchestra) will be performing at the unholiness church of all things drink and smoke; known in some social circles as corey, will, & SOS's crib. More details (and a proper poster) to come.

Articles is changing looks very soon. prepare yourselves. I think its about time for a makeover.

For anyone that missed it, the teahouse was officially reduced to a smoldering pile of broken glass and concrete when swamp ape, two days of freedom and (especially) long legged woman blasted it with atomic sound waves.

anyhow - heres some cool shit

(from hypebeast) DAMN U KNOW THIS BIKE IS FRESH!
check the link here

so rich

and lets not forget this, cause i finally just looked at it
i shower in that shit

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