Tuesday, January 15, 2008

secrets of a lil plumber

Uh... can someone confirm that this is real?
a NEGATIVE ONE world hidden in the original mario?

Hm, also, the macbook AIR is real. (via gizmodo)
I dont know if anyone else is paying attention to the macworld keynote, but i have a feeling we'll all be renting movies from mac instead of netflix very soon. I can definitely see downsides... but damn thats kinda ill.

Also, in case anyone was wondering where the hell apple's been getting its product design ideas for the past five or six years, we can look toward the sixties! Gizmodo also published this interesting article about the probable inspirations of apples designs.


Richardoom said...

Yeah, it's real. It is a secret developer level. Once you get to it you can't get out of it.

...aly... said...

I must say, your initial mention of this article had me a bit miffed (apple don'front!?)...but do feel the homage is honorable. The article touched on the idea, but it's true: good design is forever. And when design improves our lives, the impact seeps through time.
Thanks, Dieter Rams.