Tuesday, February 26, 2008

pee ess pee

So if anyone else is like me and has had a PSP for quite some time, you undoubtedly have thought about trading it in for the outrageously low price that gamestop or EB will give you of $60 and buying some ill game like mass effect or the orange box. No doubt the lack of good games has left you jaded and yearning for a DS or something that games actually come out for.

But never fear, sony has FINALLY stepped up its game (especially with an upgrade that allows the handheld to run at higher processor speeds and therefore run much nicer looking graphics without the giant load times). Its really surprising since the psp has been out for quite some time now (long enough to see its competitor the DS to even resurrect itself in a much nicer and beautiful form).

Anyhow, as someone who is finally glad that he held on to the game system through all its trials and tribulations, heres a preview of some ill shit that is actually coming out for it.

the new god of war

patapon (beat matching games have come a long way since parappa the rappa)

not to mention that youre going to be able to use it as a phone soon
and it will soon be integrated with gps systems in north america

nerds unite

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