Saturday, March 8, 2008

in case you were thinking there might be a glimmer of hope upon the horizon, and there may be a nice and gentle person behind the gomer pile meets darth vader facade of our commander and chief, you were wrong. george w bush vetoed a bill that would not allow the CIA to use fake drowning techniques in their interrogations, what ol'georgie himself claims is "one of the most valuable tools in the war on terror".

while im sure that there are even more terrible things going on in these prisons (especially with a recent resurfacing of more abu girab photos), this bill was certainly a step in the right direction. however, the president, using his red lightsaber of veto power struck it down in favor of fake drowning people that he thinks could have possibly one day maybe under some circumstance thought about the vague genre of 'terror' in some way. way to go GW, you are officially the worst president there ever was, may your approval rating continue to plummet.

in case any of you are unclear about what waterboarding is, check it out here.

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