Saturday, April 12, 2008


"This game was out for a very short trial run of one month in small arcades in Portland Oregon in 1981. Produced by the company Sinnesloschen ( A German term meaning “sense-deleting,” or “Loss of senses.”), the game gave many players nightmares and many who played it completely swore off all video games afterwards. Others complained of having blackouts and memory loss. Employees of the manufacturer, in black coats came and collected data from the machines as part of a lease agreement. After only one month, all of the machines were removed. ROM’s of this game are rumored to be in the hands of some collectors but at this time they are not generally available. Check out more info here at Polybius Theory."

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EDIT: during my obsessive search for the game itself, i came across these sites and a video that is supposedly of the real thing. while all this shit seems like an urban legend, its still intriguing. i cant help but wonder how the REAL cabinet's sound and visuals would differ, but at least this gives you some insight.

the rom

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esteban said...

what the fuck? how is it played? i see a little ship on the right side, and it seems to be firing something. other than that it's some pretty crazy visuals. the first part fucked my head up for a second. i hope i didn't get brainwashed.