Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Encyclopedia Pictura

So last night I hung out with my granny. shes the cutest old lady in the world. you know what else is cute? psychedelic buffalos. yea... I said it... they are cute too. Many of you (including me) think Bjork sucks and is overrated, but you cant deny her videos are pretty slammin, and compared to the rest of the big recording world she seems pretty chill.

Alyssa pointed me toward these guys. They are friends of hers from san fransisco. They did the new Bjork video. They are cool. They obviously like mushrooms. oh yea... did i mention its FUCKING 3D!? Yea, these dudes got it goin on (im particularly fond of the water).

check out their site cause their other shit is tight too

oh and if you dig these cats you oughta check out this interview

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