Thursday, May 1, 2008

GTA IV - my review

I mean... Damn... i know youre all playing it too...

At first I didnt believe all the hype, but now that im sucked into the most ridiculously fun video game vortex ive experienced in a while... i can see why some people gave it a 10/10

Let me just give a short review. After about 10 minutes inside this fictitious city (ok... who are we kidding its fucking new york), i was hooked. The game has pretty much resolved all the stupid bullshit that was so annoying about previous incarnations of this series (aiming, driving, flying, shooting, stabbing, punching, dating, eating, getting drunk... its all amazing and its all there).

I mean, If i can get drunk in real life, then get drunk in fake life too... does that make me twice as drunk? or is that some lawnmower man type shit that i shouldnt even contemplate?

Even the main character is tight. The hard ass serbian who you play as is fresh off the boat ( like i mean... you walk off the boat at the beginning of the game). He's everything every tough guy wishes he was, complete with the small facial scar and just enough broken english to make him scarier than travis fucking BICKLE.

And dont even get me started on the amazing multiplayer experience and the plethora of hidden content, me and jack spent an hour last night flying helicopters into the statue of liberty to find the secret beating heart inside of it.

Anyway heres my score - 9.6 out of ten. why not nine point five? because six is a number too, dweeb. why not ten? because im not an idiot and i know every game has flaws, even the great ones. we aint talking about some groundbreaking shit like mario fucking one here, so lets rule out tens alltogether. In the end, GTA IV breathes life back into the open world genre, and thats exactly what i was hoping to see.

Disclaimer: yes, this game will make you drive your car like a fucking idiot after you play it. be careful.


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