Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Update - stuff G.W would rather you not know

So my friends, the world is a crazy place, and as my monday update is about to show you it is not the place you think it is (or maybe it is exactly the place you think it is depending on what side of the fence you lie on). America, as a whole, is crumbling at its base, and it is up to us educated and like minded individuals to help expose the landfill that our nation has been built on for the past 8 years.

If you didnt know... CNN is a massive propaganda machine. "WHAT!?!" you say "but i thought it was just FOX NEWWWWWS!!!". goddamnit, dont be so naive! While CNN does throw the american public the occasional bone of dissenting opinion its generally all fluff, and as this article you are about to read will expose to you, government propaganda fluff.

Since you probably dont have the time to read "the 8,000 pages and audio tapes [the pentagon] was forced to provide to the New York Times regarding its 'military analyst' program" you should probably just check out this dudes overview. HERE . It will give you something else to think about when youre watching glenn beck run his dumb ass mouth next time you are 2 hours early for your flight, cause god forbid you get there late...

I mean, we point fingers at nations like china and venezuela for basically the same reason "how dare you censor your people" or "how dare you restrict the media on behalf of your political party" examples: venezuela has 2 news stations, both of which are run by or heavily influenced by hugo chavez and his people personally; china regulates google and its entire internet - lets not even go there with the television. but if our two major news stations, the ones which millions rely on to stay informed daily (c'mon people lets face it not everyone reads half the content of the internet in one daily sitting like us) are both heavily influenced by the government itself how is our censorship any worse.

I mean even bill o'reily reads a teleprompter?! WHAT?! who would have guessed this? oh AND he used to be a coked out maniac? ...i need to discuss this with my church group... cause everything i know might be wrong...

lemme lighten the mood

More government conspiracies? I mean... i personally would like to think that we actually did land on the moon. c'mon you know its more fun that way.

CRAIG! from craigslist. i bet you were doubting he was a real guy werent you?

Ok Ok, dont pirate shit, its bad.

Thanks to all who made this previous weekend a wonderful series of events. Much love

s. ape. esq

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