Thursday, May 15, 2008

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Also, as a followup to the posting about the girl on marta i received this email as a response and feel as though you should be filled in too.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 05/13/08

The woman arrested in a caught-on-video rant against an elderly MARTA
passenger already was on probation for spitting on a MARTA cop in

According to documents filed in DeKalb County State Court after Nafiza
Ziyad's most recent arrest last week, the 25-year-old Decatur woman
failed to report to probation officers and performed none of the 40
hours of community service required by a plea bargain on the earlier

MARTA police announced Tuesday that Ziyad had been charged with simple
assault and other misdemeanors in an episode aboard a train March 10.
That came after an online sensation over a video showing a young woman
raging against a white-haired train passenger.

Ziyad remained in the DeKalb jail Wednesday.

A woman who said she was Ziyad's mother, Elaine Sabree, said Ziyad was
diagnosed with bi-polar disorder three years ago.

An arrest warrant in DeKalb court records shows an officer was called
to a bus stop on Snapfinger Woods Drive on Jan. 24 because of Ziyard's
"disorderly conduct." Ziyad spat in the officer's face and ran, court
documents said.

After 11 days in jail, Ziyad pleaded guilty to simple battery and was
placed on probation for a year. A probation officer recommended in
last week's filing that Ziyad should spend 30 days in jail for
violating the terms of her probation.

"I truly believe she was off her medication," Sabree said. "In a way,
she knows she's bi-polar but she thinks she can do without the
medicine. She doesn't like the way it makes her feel."

Sabree said that when Ziyad is herself she is an ambitious, bright and
happy person, and that when she visited her in jail Tuesday she was
remorseful. She hopes this incident will convince Ziyad to take her

"She's sorry that it happened," Sabree said. "She's going to
apologize. She didn't remember the incident, but when MARTA showed her
the video the memory came back."

The video shows a young woman turning around to yell at a white-haired
passenger in the seat in behind her, then standing up and shouting at
her in a freestyle rap. The older woman's face isn't visible and MARTA
is withholding her identity.

The young woman's rant is laced with profanity and racial slurs. She
doesn't appear to touch the older woman, but in the course of yelling
at her lunges close and makes a motion slapping the air back and
forth. Other passengers in the car do nothing at first, but
occasionally laugh, until what sounds like a male voice says, "It's an
old lady, man, chill."

The young woman turns to the voice and says "Old lady? You know what
this old lady called me?" then calms down and sits down for a moment
before getting up again. She moves toward the voice and down the
aisle, screaming and appearing highly disturbed as other passengers
get up and try to deal with her or give her space.

--Staff writer Ariel Hart contributed to this report.

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