Thursday, June 26, 2008


as many of you know, our friend dave talsma- talsberg, talsmoid, dr d., prime time, pretty dave, that douche who made out with you once and never called you back, etc...- is leaving for a distant land.  a strange place of ancient culture, cartoon sex flics, bizarre candies, and lots of reversed R's and L's.  JAPAIN!  wont you please join us and celebrate all the good times we have shared with that special talsma.  a  night of chillin n' grillin, getting drunk/getting crunk, your favorite hits on vinyl, too many people on the porch, tj barking like a dog, embarassing dave baby stories, lots of beer, attractive faces and anything else your pitter-pattering little hearts could desire... be there! there being danielle, tj and alyssa's house, normal party time, this saturday night in cabbage town

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