Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Update

Hello friends.
This is a photo of where I wish i was because its so FUCKING hot already that a)i wanna die and b)i am afraid that the world might be coming to an end. We'll, this week has really been a doozie, hasn't it? Obama took the primary and now its him vs the old man that cant remember what he says and believes. A real prize pig if you ask me. Red Wings took the prize too! Somehow I think they might be related in some sort of hockey/government conspiracy. You be the judge.

Anyway, heres a collection of interesting things for your viewing pleasure today. Hope they get you really psyched on the wonderful world of technology and advancement that we live in!

We're running out of water

Random people are tracking your phone for 'research'

a US marine gets away with the murder of 24 people. Go FREEDOM!

and finally...
headless corpses in london!

lets cap it off with a video
much love

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