Friday, August 22, 2008

Late Follow-Up: U.S. 1 - Guatemala 0

The US and Guatemala met Wednesday for the first semifinal qualification round for the World Cup 2010. The U.S. had never won a World Cup qualifier in Guatemala, and this is the first time they have won in Guatemala City since 1988. All previous encounters in Guatemala City have ended in draws. Wednesday was different. Defender Carlos Bocanegra changed the U.S. record in Guatemala, as well as, gave the team a much needed +3 after the first round of group play.

Game Highlights:

Here are the rest of the matches from Wednesday night:

Group A*
Cuba 1 - 3 Trinidad & Tobago

Group B
Canada 1 - 1 Jamaica
Mexico 2 - 1 Honduras

Group C
Haiti 2 - 2 Suriname
Costa Rica 1 - 0 El Salvador

*from Fifa
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