Saturday, August 30, 2008


As if to purposefully make the 'race for the white house' that much more of a gimmick, john mccain made his vice presidential candidate choice in the morning of his seventy-second birthday. who did he choose? why, the former miss alaska pageant contestant, the mother of 5 the NRA member, the woman who has only been in politics since 1996 (the mayor of her small town in alaska).

I mean i cant blame him. with a good 30% of the democrats threatening to go to mccain based on their TOTAL HEARTACHE about hillary not getting chosen as the democrats candidate, it only made sense. but come on mccain, if you think we dont know this you are just senile. well, since you cant remember how many houses you own, and cant remember that you were just trying to talk down to obama since the beginning of the race about 'not having any experience in international politics' im starting to think you took too many centrum silvers this morning.

So in case you werent already tired of this years soap opera election, we have all the more to be excited about. a woman! hooray! finally our prayers are answered!!!

Oh and in case you didnt really understand the whole 'political party' thing, or are confused by big words like 'democrat' and 'republican' (i know! they have too many syllables!) its RED versus BLUE now. god damn, im really happy they simplified that for me!

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