Saturday, August 2, 2008

Retro Review. Silent Hill 2

Horror movies are great... horror games are greater.

A lot like scary movies, scary games are an addiction. ever since I laid hands onto the original Resident Evil ive been on the search for more and more thrilling games. its a fucking addiction. like seriously it might as well be some virtual heroin or some shit, because once you get scared you just want it more and more.

That being said Ive played just about the full archive of horror games but somehow neglected silent hill 2. Silent hill isnt about zombies, it isnt about monsters, its about some fucked up psychological shit. when you arrive in the town (because you received a letter from your deceased wife) its covered in fog... all you hear is the creepiest of noises... clicks... static... screaming... the whole town is deserted and its up to you to find out why the fuck youre here and how the fuck to get out.

Running from giant pyramid heads, falling down bottomless pits, journeying through abandoned hospitals, getting lost in old underground prisons... its all there and it will seriously scare the fuck out of you when you try to play it at 2am by yourself. seriously, i almost freaked out on the chinese delivery guy one night...

Its an original xbox release which means you can get it for around 8 bucks on amazon, and if you havent played it and you like to get scared youve got to pick this shit up.

9/10! one of the best classic horror games ever!

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