Saturday, August 23, 2008

a saturday week in review

Well well well... what a week it has been. good ol senator hillary clinton got left in the dust waiting for her presidential text message that never came (by the way I really dont understand what the fuck obama is trying to prove by sending out presidential text messages), bigfoot was really a bunch of raw meat and rubber (and equated to a big fat pink slip for its police chief hoaxer), an album was recorded in a church, some 10 year old chinese girl won a gold medal somehow, and michael phelp's cock has been rubbed completely raw by the hero hungry press.

PHEW! its a lot to take in I know, but one thing i think we can be thankful for is that obama didnt sink his ship entirely by choosing his ex opponent and shapeshifting lizard alien as his running mate. I mean, unlike a lot of people on the hyperwebs, i REFUSE to believe that barrack obama is the new american savior. really, how much difference can one man make. but i absolutely refuse to choose hillary in any capacity and this would leave me with one other viable option: the "original maverick" john mccain. you know, the rich old dude that can barely remember what he said 3 sentences ago let alone remember how many properties he owns around the world. "ill have to have someone get back with you about that". oh yea did I mention that he also agrees with the draft? although according to him it would be "much fairer than a vietnam era draft"!

Its truly hard to choose from so many winners.

So speaking of winners. the olympics, which we all know is the largest source of winners in any given 4 year period, will soon be over. any my my i must say that i am sad... its been good olympics... see you in london.

ps why the fuck is there no soccer on the tv right now. goddamn it.
pps we miss you dave!


heated mammal said...

I fucking hate Joe Biden! I was this close to getting a grenade launcher for me and my huntin' buddies and he had to go pass some stupid law. Oh yeah, Argentinians are better at soccer than Nigerians who are better than Brazilians. That shit is indisputable bc the olympics are the truth. Also, some ref at the bronze medal karate match got his face kicked for messing with a Cuban. Cubans kick face!

Dr. D said...

I miss you and your strange hairy dog penis with its red hot injector