Sunday, September 7, 2008


Leviathan 'Massive Conspiracy Against All Life.' 2008, Moribund Cult Records

US black metal king Leviathan has released his new full length, and it fucking rips. It is so good. If you aren't familiar with Leviathan, the band is one guy in San Fransisco. Considered by many black metal listeners as one of the US' best offerings, the man who calls himself 'Wrest' has released elevendy hundred EPs and splits over the past ten or so years. He's done two other Leviathan full lengths before this one, I mean the guy has put out a ton of records and if you like one of them, then you'd probably be into most of them. Black metal dudes are into Leviathan, i think because the albums blast- they're super harsh and loud and relentless, when you listen it is obvious you are hearing some negative, troubled material. But then on some other releases, there aren't drums and its all ambient and once again, depressing and scary sounding; anyways Leviathan has had distinct styles this whole time, with all these records. But meanwhile amongst all the mind-wrecking Leviathan stuff that came out, Wrest recorded an album in 2005 under the name 'Lurker of Chalice,' after a few demos (i'm not really certain how one dude makes this much black metal, its very strange to think about). The Lurker of Chalice LP, released on Southern Lord, is like, the shit. It pretty much made me for real interested in black metal. It was so different than other stuff i'd heard and knew was black, like Mayhem and Bathory, but still had that vibe or sound or whatever that makes that stuff stand out. It's huge thick riffs and strange, clouded and dusty production, with creeped out samples and such, was very banging. Plus i had a narcotic experience with that record so it was like, my joint ! Anyway anyway that Lurker LP is really experimental, psyched out black metal, and Leviathan records are of a more traditional black metal sound, i guess. BUT the whole thing is that Wrest recorded this new record (being reviewed by me), as the new Lurker of Chalice full length! So its like the Lurker ghost record. Word is that he was hospitalized from some overdose and when he got free, the record releasing process already had moved forward or happened or something with record labels... point is, its the weirdest Leviathan album yet, cause its not really supposed to be a Leviathan record ! with all that in mind though, this guy really turned up the mustard on 'Massive Conspiracy.' Wrest is also did the album artwork, once again bringing into question, at least in my mind, how the fuck one guy can do all this work. Perhaps he's had his spirit visited by you know who. And the drums are sick. The whole record's production is huge and crisp, but its still gloom and empty- really makes the listening an experience in itself. So, this record rules, it is not sorry at all, and you all should listen to it however you can get your mits on it. I hear the vinyl is beautiful and very limited (in true trying to be as obscure as possible black metal fashion) of course. if you're scared then go to church!

thanks .hopefully this record review thing will be cool.<3

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You got the wax(?), cuz I know how you do. I can't wait to hear it.