Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hello all,

Its been a minute since i posted, but I can assure you I've been a busy man and I'm alive and well and all that jive. Here's the skinny: I'm about to go on tour with adult swim and its gonna be tight. While a tour with my own band would be much more of a fun experience, getting paid to go all around the northeast and hand some pimply little college freshman who just smoked grass for the first time the other day while he was watching aqua teen hunger force a meatwad shirt is pretty tight too. Hey plus I dont have to haul amps!

Here's the schedule just in case you want to come find me in some exotic northern locale or suggest somewhere free to stay:

Southern Illinois University
Free Forum Area
Carbondale, IL

OCT 10
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

OCT 15
Boston University
Boston, MA

OCT 17
Temple University
Bell Tower Plaza
Philadelphia, PA

OCT 20
Virginia Tech
The Drill Field
Blacksburg, VA

OCT 21
North Carolina State University
The Brickyard
Raleigh, NC

Aside from that I sold my old motorcycle (to some ultra douche college kid that almost wrecked that shit when he tried to test drive it in sandals and then made me help him cram it sideways in the back of his jeep cherokee) and am currently restoring a bitchin hog. heres what it looked like when it came off the factory floor and some scooby doo lookin motherfucker jumped on it in 1976.

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the xarlacc said...

both you and the kawasaki 125 will be missed dearly, brother !