Saturday, September 6, 2008

xbox: inside the bullshit

So... in case you were wondering what the FUCK went wrong with the xbox 360. heres a good rundown (from gizmodo) on the complete negligence that has lead to the piece of shit paperweight that most of you have had at least 2 of.

Seriously, my shit died for the third time the other day.

The test machines were not properly debugged, due to an ill-advised cost-cutting initiative that shaved $2 million from $25 million paid to Cimtek, a test machine maker in Canada. The Microsoft team decided not to pay the consulting fee to Cimtek to build, manage and debug the test machines. Sources familiar with the matter said there were only about 500 test machines at the time of launch, a third of the 1,500 needed.

“There were so many problems, you didn’t know what was wrong,” said one source of the machines. “The [test engineers] didn’t have enough time to get up and running.”

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the xarlacc said...

wow that big dude shot that gun really fast !