Sunday, October 26, 2008


Crow 'Bloody Tear' 2006,Prank Records

This right here, my friends, is easily the most ripping Japanese hardcore album that I have ever heard. Words can barely express how much this LP kills, and I am not going to waste my breath trying to do that. Japanese hardcore is something excellent but this joint is beyond all that. I have heard many of the classics- Gauze, Deathside, G.I.S.M. (actually the drummer was in G.I.S.M.), others. But to me, this Crow LP cannot be touched by those. And Crow, straight from Tokyo, was also around then in the early 80s, in fact there are versions of much older Crow songs on this from back in the day. Every time I play this record, alone or with my peoples, everybody gets pumped because you simply cannot fuck with this record! It really is that good and if you don't know, you really ought to. My life is better, having blasted this shit very often since it came out a few years ago. Fuck , this record will make the blood move within your veins at a pace that would kill you if it were longer than it is. LP comes with huge poster and a bunch of other shit..out of print though. Anarchy chaos destruction.


bite itself said...

it's all true. along with gauze "equalizing distort" collection, GISM "detestation" lp and all the deathside stuff and all the lipcream stuff, this is the top of the pops. the newer 12" ep on prank also totally rips. in other news, today i thought about that time when i came over to hang out after school, in junior high, when you had been trampled by a mob of kids running to watch a fight. then we went to the record store at the mall, remember that ?

the xarlacc said...

of course i remember that! how could i forget getting my face stepped on a bunch of times?.