Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Blowout - What does it mean?

So whether you were going for the old man and the chick or the black man and other old man with botox face, you can (if you were paying attention at all) agree that the election was a fucking BLOWOUT. I can say with all confidence that mccain got pwned. Seriously pwned.

But... what the fuck? didnt the polls say that the shit was "close" or "closing" or "not certain" or "people get scared when they go to vote for black people and change their vote at the last minute" which to me is right along the lines of hillary's "its not over yet
cause bobby kennedy got shot dead right before he was nominated" comment.

I mean with all certainty we can agree that the news networks are liars (wow bug surprise) and john mccains actual chance of winning was somewhere around 3% come election day. In fact some sources said that if he won virginia and indiana the chance was 100% for obama.

So why did they make it seem so close? well if you were paying attention during the primaries, they did the same shit with him and hillary. Mainly because it was election MANIA and if you just say that someones giving up you lose ratings and thats bad for your commercials and your profits! oh NO! so lets stretch the truth for a couple of months to keep everyone interested. If you fast forward to the presidential race, then of course they are going to stretch it out cause that shit was like the superbowl times 1000!!! WTF they had FUCKING HOLOGRAMS! when have you ever seen holograms on tv? never? exactly.

anyway, the whole thing was a sham and if you had about 30 brain cells you could have predicted it from the electoral vote about 2 months ago so everyone quit acting so surprised and like hes the underdog. ok?

spreadddd the wealthhhh babbbayyy

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the xarlacc said...

the nail has been struck, right on its head