Sunday, December 7, 2008


Khanate, 's/t' LP 2001, Southern Lord Recordings

Khanate records are harsh and they are beautiful, this one is their pinnacle. It is very, very heavy and also very creepy. Five movements of gritty, avalanche sounding rhythm backed with unnerving, frightening howls, not for everyone. But if you are into deranged, tortured sounding ugly shit, that sort of thing, then this is something serious for you. It is unusual, unique and solid as it can be. I've always enjoyed Khanate in that their albums are way confrontational- though they are slow as fuck and very strange, with each listen the songs become something to witness and comprehend, more so than to enjoy. Pretentious as shit, in every concern. They definitely smash though, crush the sonic aspect of things, this band requires that your stereo also rules. The album crawls all over the place, like it would if it were a dying, fucked up magical beast on its way to die beneath an unholy mountain. Without a doubt, this is that New York kult doom/black metal aesthetic, and if you are into that then Khanate would deeply please you. They are a supergroup sort of, if you want to call it that, Plotkin (bass/electronics) and Dubin (vocals) played in OLD and O'Malley (guitars) from Burning Witch/Sunn O))), regardless of the who's who this album destroys. Listening to it alone is quite the trip, I guess it would sort of be a bad trip, brutal and depressing, but of course those are balancing and worthwhile. Wyskida (drums) is a beast, the drums are what makes this whole thing pound the fuck out of shit. Highly recommended. This is their first album, they went on to release a handful of records (all of them are good) until they split in 2006. The vinyl is going to be hard to find, but it is worth searching for. And don't forget to wear, your human shield..

And this week with,
one of the greatest roommates
the world has yet known (Rena),
1.cabbagetown-yeayeaa old news, not for me. first time living in the cabbagehood and i am beyond pumped..duplex(mini front porch, mantles and park backyard included)
2. charles-yes, he used to live here and now he's back and everyones happy including my household and couch where he stays. it rules. we're glad your back home chillin and tattooin.
3. half-blood prince-harry potter- sorry, everyone should have seen #3 coming. it was postponed and now they are making us wait another 7 months, its ridiculous who cares daniel radcliffe was naked on stage or not making premiers or whatever bogus excuses there are just let me see it now.
4. xbox/netflix hook up- ohh how i cant wait to get an xbox one day and paruze netflix from the comfortable seat on my couch as well as play burn out and skate into the whee hours of the morning.
5. crystals- my girl alyssa knows what im talkin about. quartz, cinnabar, epidote..i love em all and cant wait to start creating lavish jewelry with these finds, look out for some jewels coming to you this holiday season. badass
6.FAILE-have you guys seen these prayer wheels they created, blows my mind. nothin else to say about that. fecal interview-FAILE.
7. tipis- i have enjoyed drawing them, sewing them into paper, receiving them as amazing felt pins in the past few months, they are spectacular, their shape, the artwork upon them, the materials they are created with.. i wish i had a birch bark tipi in my backyard to keep tight in for the winter.
8. black coffee-that's right, especially because its all chilly out, but just give it to me black i dont need any whipped cream or sugars and what not i just want a nice cup of hot black coffee when i wake up.
9. nigel peake-a great artist i just recently got a book off of. cool blog, drawings, and photos. SECONDSTREET
10. last but not least- amazing friends & family- couldnt do it without a lot of people. but its been a really long month, finally a graduate(as of this tue), moving out of a (maybe) haunted house, and hoping to see a lot more change within myself this next year, it makes me anxcious beyond words, scared and more excited than ever and i could not be happier with the people that surround my life this last year.

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Anonymous said...

Watch out with them crystals... if you accidentally leave them in a pyramid or power vortex you could have some sort of unholy rift to deal with. Or, maybe you could summon a unicorn.

Seriously though, amethysts for life!