Sunday, December 14, 2008


Darkthrone 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky' 1992, Peaceville Records

Norwegian black metal, in all its venomous glory. This record is the real deal, it changed the game or whatever and raised the bar but above all that, it destroys. If you ever wondered about what black metal is like, or what some of these records are that make people into black metal, this is definitely that type of joint. From the place that all that other shit happened with church burnings, getting stabbed in the skull and eaten by friends, all that shit. The seething rage on this record was influential to how many black metal records sounded after it, with harsh low-fi production that captures the whole dark death thing or whatever. But the main thing is A Blaze in the Northern Sky rips and it does so with raw precision that wraps your stereo up in spider webs and fog and then eats it. The drums hiss and pummel shit while the guitar scratches and grinds itself with death razor riffs. With the howls of Nocturno Culto and a a bunch of reverb, the Darkthrone slays shit, plus the cover sets the tone for the whole thing. The record rules, you will have a tough time finding it unless you join some weird black metal record kult or something like that probably. And if you like it then check out Under a Funeral Moon (93) and Transilvanian Hunger (94), they both rule. Not too much after that though, they still put out records and you know how that goes. Norwegian black metal is a strange thing and say what you will, but you know, just look at that logo, obviously that shit is bad as fuck.

And this week with,
The Brownest Lord Sirpenteen

or what it's worth.
in no particular order

-WHISKEY- Carries less baggage than the usual gut-building beer, and it warms the soul. Can't go wrong with Jack. Having trouble sleeping?

-ESPRESSO- Coffee is also good, but the flavor of a properly poured shot wins my tastebuds over.

-LAYERS- I personally prefer the cold. Attempting to keep warm is much more satisfying to me than being wet in the summer time. Thermals, sweaters, fucking mittens, knitted caps, WOOL! Double layered socks. Our short winter season might also contribute to the longing from which I suffer.

-CHARLIES TRADIN' POST- When this guy is open, its a fun trip. There is always something interesting. Levi's, Carhartt's, fluorescent orange thermal hoodies, random boots, fishing rods... it goes on. Classic staples.

-WALKING- The air is crisp and so is the wind. Nothing beats a brisk jaunt through your local village. Having a destination is good, but wanderings are also fun. Things sound different outside during the winter time. And you are always bound to find something, whether its physically, psychologically, or spiritually.

-THINKING- Once while in traffic a car crept past me and on its bumper was a sticker that read "I think, therefore I am single." Now, I do not know who said it, but the fact that I had been pondering my bachelorhood prior to spotting that damn sticker makes it even more intriguing. Thing has its ways, indeed.

-CARNALITY- We ARE humans, in fact. The staying warm bit associates with this. It is something in the air I suppose. A reverse Bambi of sorts. It that even a word? YES.

-FIRE- Sociologically I must be digressing, but I could live in an igloo for the rest of my life as long as I could make a fire for every day of it. Just think of all the traditions that go along with the quintessence of a hearty fire. And there is plenty of room to make up your own if you are not a traditionalist.

-HEALTHY MUSICAL STOCK- This is just common sense. Having friends with similar (or different) tastes is a plus too. On an anecdotal note, I think I once read in the apocryphal book of Enoch that music was, in the beginning, used by Satan as a tool for enticement.

-WORK- Whether it is for money or for volunteering, there is something satisfying about busting ass to get something done. And if home is becoming dull, it makes for a good change in environment. I am fortunate to have jobs which I enjoy doing. After all, this is the land of opportunity.


Anonymous said...

walking in the cold (things do sound different now that you mention it) beats the hell out of lounging in the heat. Atlanta used to beat the heat by having "siesta months" in which nobody did anything but sweat for six to eight months. I hate it when water won't stay in my body! I'd much rather take a nice winter stroll punctuated with hot cocoa.

I'm single for the same reason that pandas won't mate in captivity. Thinking definitely doesn't help though, much less thinking about the effects of thinking.

Anonymous said...

I'm so goddamned anonymous it hurts to the point of tickling.

Im so goddamned tickled that it points to the anonymity of hurt?

the xarlacc said...

fool this a black metal record, quit playin !!?

Anonymous said...

"Quitter's never win": I learned that from a SNK arcade cabinet. But then again, quitters never lose either.