Sunday, December 21, 2008


Project Pat 'Layin da Smack Down' 2002, Hypnotize Minds/Loud

Oh yes my friends, this right here is that classic shit. If you are into getting smoked out and acting up, chilling on the porch, busting heads wide open at the club, or maybe all of those- this record is what ought to be blaring from your joint. To avoid leaving other pastimes or interests out, if you like to ride in your whip smokin thrax or going to the strip junt or getting real charged up and pulling kick doors, or if you want to just regular chill and mean mugg all alone, I'm saying, this Project Pat record is your new grail. Pat is a living legend, what you would call a 'stylemaster,' he has been smashing it wide open for over ten years from outside and from inside prison. After he and Three 6 Mafia did 'Sippin On Some Sizzurp,' (Pat is Juicy J from Three 6's older brother) he came out with 'Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin' in 2001 and that one ruled. This one, Layin Da Smack Down, came out when he was locked down in the federal pen. Personally I was all about 'Free Project Pat' when everybody else was like 'Free Pimp C' (R.I.P. though). Prison releases makes that whole other layer to the records and ya'll know that shit (such as 2Pac, UGK, Burzum, Gucci Mane). Anyways nobody can touch the whole Memphis style, whole style of rap has been bitten a zillion times by fakers within the past ten years. It is this kind of dark, horror movie piano sampled rap (except for the strip club bangers which are different) that we are talking about, with huge bass, electro snares, 808 like getting beatdown by the police. And then the high hats. Like a million, billion high hat ticks are on this record and that makes it sound like what we're talking about. But the main thing is Pat. One of the most hood storyteller ever, his rhymes are for real like nursery rhymes. Very ill ones though. 'Fuck around and get done een/straight up out tha peeyn/comes tha mane with tha sawed off/high up off tha geeyn/you could weeyn/if you squeeze first/hollowpoints dispurse/you may leave in a ambuhlance/or inside a hearse.' Track after track, fucking rules. Even the skits are dope. [Note- Pat is my dude and I love this record with all of my heart- I learned how to play drums to this shit, the truth. I know ya'll expect some hardcore or some black metal but I'm saying, I owe it to Pat to review this] And look at the snitch on the cover, Pats about to straight do it. I don't know how to get this vinyl, but I do know how to get it printed on a photo screened 5XL tall-T.

And this week with,
Sixty Three Bears

earth mother goddess digits and underlying rhythm pyramids. the sacred structure. ohm. past present and future. can't live with it, can't live without it...

life giving power color. biorhythms that you can wear eat smoke make spend and grow. get in touch with your leafy faerie brothers and sisters.

my favorite mammal, hands down, in a planet full of tough competition. lemurs are small, furry, bug-eyed, smart-assed old men with impressive acrobatic skills who could fuck you up with a switchblade and steal your backpack. awesome.

I picked this habit up from my mom as a little kid and fell in love with history. it was that or read her james patterson novels.

less scary than basements. boxes full of shit to dig through, treasures to find and places to hide.

having to eat all the time gets on my nerves. it takes up a lot of time and money keeping the machine running. but when its done right, food is a nuanced art form and a meal is an ill way to commune with people you care about

icon of post-modern design movement in japan. ahead of his time grafitti style type deconstructions. look him up.

this one takes patience but waiting on a corner for 45 minutes and riding around in a shit box with the heat on in july with 30 other people gets me just a little closer to understanding what it means to be a human being.

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i think this is my favorite review and list pairing, I dunno why but they just work so damn well together.