Friday, December 19, 2008


So apparently in Korea when you don't want the other party to pass a bill you just go BATSHIT FUCKING NUTS and start beating the door with a sledge hammer until it breaks, and no one can get in to the legislative chamber. That's pretty fucking tight, but I just have to point out the ill Kung Fu master that I think they brought as back up. Look at the fuck, he isn't there to read or write anything. At least not anything that isn't scribed in blood and human organs. I bet he is Wu Shu as FUUUCK. I heard that dude is in the Wu Tang Clan, but can't even rhyme. I mean you gonna tell him nah after he rips your sphincter out through your nose?


articlescollective said...

that shit was amazing
is that dave?
oh my how hes changed

articlescollective said...
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