Friday, January 30, 2009

Google kills wildlife

now, dont get me wrong, i love google. to me google represents what the internet is supposed to be like. and for a while now i have deemed google the 'benevolent ruler of the internets'. for real, the dudes have introduced so much shit to our hyper-lives that has changed the game entirely.

example: websites like myspace, facebook, twitter, etc have continued to break down the real communication that people use to interact on a personal real level (and have become a bane of our existence based on its necessity nowadays), while things like gmail, chrome, googles search engine, google video, google maps, android, google fucking MARS and SPACE etc (and the coming of g-drive which is going to flip how we use hard drives entirely) has changed us for the better.

anyway... that being said, check it out, this google street view truck fucking hit a deer!!!! hahaha

oh yes, and this is nice too. make sure you zoom out! one of the coolest google maps ive seen in a bit.


30cent said...

man the best shit is if you look at street view of google maps of hardee street in edgewood you can see this crackhead pitching a fit and some dudes straight posted on the block.

i wonder how many times the google van got took.

Destructo said...

is that the island from LOST?