Sunday, February 8, 2009


Terrorizer 'World Downfall' 1989, Earache Records

Old school rules and to further that truth, Terrorizer's World Downfall is that poison syringe into your face. Were it not for this record, many more years might have passed before bands figured out how to grind your stereo apart into a pile of wires and plastic and whatnot (though to date, very few bands figured it out like this). And if this were 1990 instead of 2009 we would be doing some damage to ourselves and others to this record. The furious rage that grindcore is, happened when bands took death metal and speed metal/thrash to the extreme and then it mutated into the realm of gross puke horrible sounds known as grindcore, a term coined by Napalm Death,who got the guitar player after Terrorizer split in 1989. The other members went on to Morbid Angel, who used to be cool according to my homeboy Sam. Anyways since lots of these reviews are about what powerviolence is and how it is like the eleven of hardcore, grindcore is similar in that its maximum intensity smashed into sonic grenades, fast as fuck, blast beats and shit. Often socially conscious and/or political in content, Los Angeles grindcore bands like Terrorizer took the sounds through the fucking roof and made this (their only record) shit as ill as possible and it raised the bar, they furthered the sound from earlier grind groups like Repulsion and Napalm Death. Bands like Pig Destroyer or other grindcore/extreme metal acts totally take cues from this sound and my what a great sound it is. Plus this is one of the most baddest album covers ever, different pressings have different colors. You can score a copy of this, and it would be worth your while, as it is some seminal shit that will saw your ears off. Not for wieners.

and this week with,
captain cruddy pocket, sr.
1) The Southeast: I came to Georgia from Florida (not part of the south in my opinion) and had little appreciation for what the region has to offer. Like much of the worlds population I saw it as a backward and uncultured place with little value. I was severely mistaken. The South is the shit. Badass food, people, geography, weather, art, music... all that junk. I have come to love living here and find new things to appreciate on the daily.

2) The Mighty Boosh: My brother, who's opinion I generally value, told me about this English comedy staring a man who looks like a woman and an uptight Jazz aficionado. They have strange and semi-psychedelic adventure that have nothing to do with each other, and usually involve a villain in an outrageous costume. It's kind of a difficult show to describe, so just youtube it if you haven't seen it. It's about to start airing on adult swim, I think.

3) Lord of the Rings Conquest: Do you like medieval fantasy? Hacking and slashing your way through hoards of enemies? Orcs? Elves? Magic? Yeah, of course you do. I finished reading the famous series of books just prior to the release of this game and fully nerded out on it. I was able to fulfill my dream of slaying nazguls and orcs, all while sitting on a comfy couch sipping a beer. What adventure!

4) Mind Field: This latest offering from the sovereign sect of Alien Workshop should be called "Mind Melt." For those who do not ride skateboards Alien Workshop is a company hailing from the non-skate meca Dayton, Ohio. They have been holding it down for the last nineteen years and continue to come with it. Their latest video release follows in line with those preceding it (Memory Screen, Time Code, Photosynthesis) but ups the game with new riders and quality visual stylings. Dinosaur Jr./ Jay Mascis have been down with the Workshop since day one and continue to contribute their musical stylings to the cause. Everybody's parts are super sick, and the cinematography, editing, and animation pull it all together for a pleasing visual journey/brainwash.

5) Not Smoking: After a solid 6 years of smoking a pack of cigs a day I finally quit. Been clean for close to three weeks (I know not long. Trying not to jinx myself) and feeling awesome. I've just stopped coughing up all the shit that my lungs have been trying to clear out, and am craving nicotine less all the time. I've been wanting to stop for a long time, and am so stoked to have cut it out of my life.

6) Being Outside: The indoors suck. It's all recycled air and unnatural light. Everybody needs some fresh air, and the weather lately has been perfect for getting plenty of it. The world outside of the wooden crates we live in is amazing. I am consistently amazed with what I see around me on a regular basis when I am outdoors. I go crazy being inside for too long from lack of stimulation. Go outside, look around, get pumped, jump off some shit, poop somewhere besides a toilet.Which brings us to...

7) Poop/Fart humor: If you don't think defecating is funny than you have no soul. It was stolen from you by a world of prudence and sanitation. Farting will always make me giggle at the very least. Even when it becomes objectionable to the olfactory senses, humor still abides. What better way to break the ice in an awkward social setting... rip one, look around like you are searching for the source of the noise, maybe ask if someone stepped on a frog. Never gets old, always gets a laugh.

8) Afrobeat: Of all genres of music that I am interested in nothing starts my day better or puts me in a better mood. The shit just makes you move around and get pumped. Some Fela in the morning is the best way to ensure a positive mental state throughout the day. Even when someone is singing about some serious or depressing shit like slavery or the downfall of a continent you can't help but get all juiced up and want to shake it like a maraca.

9) Two Square: Everybody played four square when they were kids, but that shit was always so lame with some "black magic" rules or some kinda bullshit. Some straight up two square, no special rules (including playing with feet) is where it is at. Never have I seen grown men compete so intensely over a playground game. It is a true test of agility, patience, hand-eye coordination and even-temperdness. Plus all you need is some chalk and a ball.

10) Homies: Not like those little vato dudes you get out of the quarter machine, but like real people that are your friends. Most of the shit on this list would be useless without 'em. Kinda like smokin weed, they make everything better.


bite itself said...

yes, this is the destroyer. i have the terrorizer / nausea (the LA nausea, not the NYC nausea) tape if you're interested. the two bands on the tape shared some members if memory serves and it's prior to "world downfall" ... also, it's true, morbid angel used to be amazing. "covenenant" and "altars of madness" ... utterly stupid, utterly blazing death metal (thank you lists include specific bad guys from various castlevania sequels on nintendo). the drummer of terrorizer is the drummer of morbid angel, and his nickname is "commando" not for nothing.

King of Daves said...

hell yeah on the top 10. You are not alone on not indulging in cigs! I give you my strength! Lend me yours! We will join swords and conquer the foul beast!