Friday, February 27, 2009

arboreal wonders of the world

trees. they have been here longer than all of us. unless you are steve, i bet you dont even think about that shit on the regualar. i mean, when we look at trees its hard to think that most of the ones that surround us are at least 100 years old. the guardian recently posted its 'arboreal wonders of the world'. its tight as fuck. there is a 4700+ year old tree in there named methuselah. god damn. so tight.

check it out here.

oh and heres methuselah's wikipedia. cause i know youre going to go there anyway.


Destructo said...

haha, "axe-wielding students"

Richardoom said...

Fuck-head creationists use that tree as proof that there was a biblical flood. Can you believe this bullshit? That fucker is tight though. You know flowers have only been around for 125 millions years? That shit is crazy to think about considering we flopped out of the water 375 million years ago.

articlescollective said...

yea noah just floated around on that shit for about 2 years with a couple of rats and a bag of peanuts.