Wednesday, February 4, 2009

∇∆ []D Ş []) Ŝ ∆∇

Why do we ride motorcycles? because riding a motorcycle is the closest thing there is in our modern (paved) world to riding a horse or some sort of other ill beast around. Sure, youre rockin that shit fixed gear, but while youre sweating your ass off in the summer were enjoying the cool breeze and the loud roar of our metal beasts. But dont worry, were the nice kind of gang, and we only use our chains and knives if we have to, or if you decide that youre too cool to 'share the road'. for real, if another dude on a fixed gear decides that 'share the road' means that he gets to take up the entire lane and not let me pass him (safely) he might regret the fact that he opted for that little flipped bill campy hat instead of his sweet pro-tec.

and one more message to the world - please... please... if youre going to spend $x,xxx.xx on your fixed gear, at least learn how to ride on your friends first, and stop the whole 'running red lights, acting like an asshole, being mad at cars for being cars' routine. that shit was so 4 years ago. cant we all just get along?


bike gangs are the shit.

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the xarlacc said...

so that ruled. you guys should let my dad into the gang, he rides harley davidson and is 54 years old and his bikes engine is a 1250 i believe, which according to my calcs, is all those bikes engines combined. he would be a good asset to the PSDS. actually since he's in savannah thats appropriate because those gang flicks ya'll just took were on Savannah street. SSDS killaz !