Thursday, February 19, 2009

for real?

good lord, they could have at least thought about this for um... maybe more than 5 seconds before they printed it

it must have been the same guy that had this brilliant idea a while back:

also, i would like to reiterate the fact that yes i 'get it'. its supposed to be a parody on the face ripping ape attack, but for real? come on, that just seems a little bit too intentional.


Richardoom said...

I think though to me the New Yorker cover was so overwhelmingly ironic. The NY Post cartoon is racist in a subversive way, and that is the way racists send out their messages these days.

articlescollective said...

hahah yea, i mean, the new york post shit is just gotddamn ridiculous. the new yorker cover was at least easier to explain. both=ballsy