Friday, February 6, 2009

our earth is a giant cosmic hard drive

wow, this article is crazy. apparently a hard drive can be considered a geological object as well as a technological one based on the shit inside it that moves around.

what if we could manipulate the earth's own magnetic field and thus program data into the natural energy curtains of the planet?

The earth would become a kind of spherical harddrive, with information stored in those moving webs of magnetic energy that both surround and penetrate its surface.

This extends yet further into an idea that perhaps whole planets out there, turning in space, are actually the harddrives of an intelligent species we otherwise have yet to encounter – like mnemonic Death Stars, they are spherical data-storage facilities made of content-rich bedrock

[bldg blog]

i aint no scientist but it sure seems dern inter'stin.

check it out


heated mammal said...

There is a theory that planets are already being used as hard drives: to run simulations, which our existence could as easily be a function of as opposed to being authentic. Hence, everything is permitted.

kegbenk said...

sweet. i was feeling a little guilty about pooping that half digested fetus into my lover's mouth but really that's just the way im programed.