Sunday, March 15, 2009


Salutations my komrades....The ruler himself has done some magick tricks around my way lately and (bless the stars) I've scored many new records. And since its been the rainiest and laziest weekend ever, I figured I'd do a triple threat on this Sabbath review cause I been listenin to records like a motherfucker up in this bitch.

Pig Heart Transplant 'Nature b/w Nurture' 7", 2008 Deerhealer Record Label
PHT are a strange mutant laboratory growth project led by Jon Kortland, the guitarist of Iron Lung. There are many rotating members/collaborators to this pacific northwest group, many of whom are involved in other gangs such as Lords of Light, Spazz,Bite Itself, Threatener,Laudanum,Iron Lung.. But they aren't the powerviolent battalion that you may expect, instead this is slow, downtuned, total dirge sound collages in the shape or form of power electronics/distorted bass symphonies that churn and ooze- sort of like The Blob on acid in hell. The personnel in PHT revolve on the sonic duties and have a different roster with each release. But they consistently smash eerie walls of sound and slow motion fury on every record/cassette that they put out, which has numbered quite a few over the past several years, each of which is obscure or limited. In the tradition of Man Is The Bastard, (who you ought to learn of if you have not yet learned of) the sounds that they pull off are always rad and different from the prior release, but they all remain consistent in vibe and in this case, it is a creepy and nervous panic. This 45 single has insane amounts of reverb and fuzz that blankets the shit out of everything and really helped punish the soundwaves therein. Ripping. Check out 'Hope You Enjoy Heaven,' PHT's new LP because it destroys like a lightning storm, on your head. Try to get in touch with them, or Deerhealer, or of course, your pal E. You know E, from the Bay area.

Mind Eraser 'The Prodigal Son Brings Death,' 7", 2008 Youngblood Records
Ok so Mind Eraser wrecks shit. This 7" was mentioned last week in the Consious/Unconsious LP review, but since then it has shaped into a new form, an obstacle in my life that cannot be overlooked for one second longer. This shit destroys. Vocals/guitar/bass/drum, all just straight up on point. Subsonic hyper thrash, precise, giant, and catastrophic. Sort of, sort of, Japanese-styled dark hardcore mixed with some powerviolence/grind sounds, huge sludge riffs that make it sound like planets smashing into another. Really fast. Ten songs on here and they will warp your gross looking ears into even grosser looking flesh wounds. I believe stuff like this is recorded with the intention to fuck your head all up. If you are upset and you listen to this, then all of your troubles vanish into furious visions of madness and insanity and when the needle leaves the record, you will be too tired to be upset anymore and you can just chill. I am very down with that situation and I seek it out frequently. The second press is supposedly available now so don't sleep on it. Not for wieners.

Iron Lung // Hatred Surge 'Broken/ a Collaboration' 7", 2008 Iron Lung Records

Goddammit yes. Highly anticipated material recorded together by heavyweights of current true powerviolence-themed hardcore. Three dudes who rip shit up in Iron Lung + Hatred Surge, together on a record- this is not only a cool idea but totally rips. It sounds just like you think it would sound. Banging as shit. Fast and all schizophrenic or whatever Iron Lung, mixed with the harsh grinding heaviness of Hatred Surge. They did a tour together (Iron Lung was Surge's band because he is a one-man deal on record) and ended up making this during it and kept it secret like some cool dudes (a little bird told me that secret and I've been waiting a long ass time) then came out with a pressing of 100 of them, and then of course it disappeared. But since thats not very fair at all, they've done a second pressing which is currently in print. So if you are into either of these bands, then with the passing of each minute that you do not listen to this, you are becoming sorrier. And just listening to it isn't quite the whole picture either because the packaging is exquisite- a triple-layer jacket, vellum print cover with paper then cardstock underneath, all doublesided, I mean they hooked it up. It would rule if they did it again in the future, as is there potential for it be rad if other groups paired up to try and mutate some awful powerviolence or grind and whatnot. But after this one, I can see how that would make too many peoples heads explode in the process because that shit slays.

and this week with,

tools. within the past year i have gone crazy for tools. i want them all. power tools, hand tools, you name it. i spend hours cruising the aisles of home depot trying to dream up projects that would justify me buying a finishing nailer or a reciprocating saw or whatever. with the right tools for the job you can do anything and that is a good feeling. treehouse on the way.

motorcyles. spencer taught me how to ride a motorcycle about a year ago and i was fucking sold. granted mine has been in the shop longer than it has been out, but those days are gone! my bike runs like a champ. you just cant beat screaming across town with a deafening beast between your legs, spewing gas and smoke and pissing off your neighbors.

cabbage town. no greater concentration of rad people, good friends, good food, and cold beer exists within a one mile radius. enough said.

best summer ever. for me, every summer is the best summer ever. my friends, we are on the eve of the next best summer ever. i can feel it in my bones, warm weather, after noon chilling and grilling, ice cold brews, jumping rocks, drunken shenanigans, pool jerks etc... get ready

neighborhood establishments. being able to get wasted and then walk home. knowing the people that work there and them knowing you! having a pitcher of pbr brought out before you even ask for it. getting preferential treatment over non regulars. special menu options not widely known about. getting the "hookup".


sixtythreebears said...

lets hear it for little black circles that make you bob your head. open your windows and turn the volume up.

30cent said...

that broken 7" is somewhere in the universe on its way to my house and i am so ridiculously happy about it - also, so curious about that mind eraser. i want to print out your description of that record and fold it up and put it in my 7 inch crate. word!