Sunday, March 29, 2009


Parlamentarisk Sodomi, 'De Anarkistiske An(n)aler' LP 2009, 625 Thrashcore/ Crucificados

Ok whoa! I happened upon this at the record shop last week and was immediately interested in it because of how powerful and rad it looks. Little did I know that it blows the fuck out of everything- this is Scandanavian rage at its most ugliest, powerful, and ideological extreme. So as I took apart the jacket and removed the record from its' sleeve, I became more and more interested in what it might sound like... almost illegible fonts that spell out all sorts of madness and anti-system grievances. There are a collection of circular images that feature the anti bar through them and all kinds of negative visuals that completely hyped the sounds therein. So when I dropped the needle, I was like 'OH FUCK!' Without a doubt the most furious grind that I have heard in a minute, or ever really. This shit slays. I am really feeling the totally destroy everything vibe on here- everything on the record is up to eleven and it was hard to catch my breath in between the 'songs,' these are vicious sonic attacks that rattle and pulverize. But wait! After I was blown away twice from this LP, I did some research to get some info about this incredible band and found out that this is just one Norwegian dude! His name is Mollen- incredibly executed one man grind that sounds like Repulsion/Terrorizer/Discordance Axis mixed with extra razor blades and a lack of prescribed medication. This shit is authentic. Its radically anarchistic messages intelligently smash the state- I've got to hand it to this guy for being able to author some concise bursts of political fury that attack Norwegian and American political systems in a way that burns deep as fuck. Too often is some radical shit dumbed down and conformed to punk or metal's forms for it to exist in...not this time! Raging anger and violence towards all systems of oppression and servitude here. How it should be. "Uncle Sam is a lie/ the bald eagle's true face looks like Abu Ghraib- Burn the filthy flag of Guantanamo/ Local representatives molested for the common greater good/Dissect a cop out of spite/ Your metropolitan area hometown reeks with a stench of deep fried murder" !!!An unapologetic mockery of ignorance and injustice everywhere- compromising nothing at all and so fucking fast that it is ridiculous. The recording is huge also which adds to the whole atomic bomb of a record vibe that Parlamentarisk Sodomi has got going on like a fuck. This is the second LP and the first one, "Har Du Sagt "A" Får Du Si Nal" totally fucking wrecks shit the same. This joint just came out, the vinyl is limited to 500 copies worldwide so you gotta jump on it right this instant if you hope to grind your turntable into nothingness. Way worth the search- please enjoy resposibly. Here's a video off of De Anarkistiske An(n)aler.


sixtythreebears said...

this record rules. so fast and the beats are amazing! everyone look at the music video

...aly... said...

whoa for real... (I found the vomit montage quite effective) and their font fucking rips.