Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hello patrons/contributors. Due to an unfortunate illness i have been at home on the computer all day. the upside is that the articles got a bit of a makeover. updates include

-wider view for better video/image size and quality
-new sidebar
-text justifies
-removed/added some code shit you need not worry about

new flash banner to come.

in other news, this is a photo walker evans took of atlanta that i always thought must be somewhere near my neighborhood since it seems like those smokestacks look familiar.

take care



Anonymous said...

uungh times a hundred ! way sick. excellent work mane.

[ X A R L A K K ]

andepie said...

it werked!

articlescollective said...

oh yes and adrea in case you were wondering (or noticed) i already fixed your link.

kegbenk said...

new sidebar is super-sick yo. me rikey.

mcmooatl said...

sick job on the updated spot! I really like that photo, it was taken in Atlanta for the Farm Security Administration for the movie Love Before Breakfast in 1936, you introduced me to that mans work, i was in love..

andepie said...

you so sschweet