Friday, March 6, 2009


This sunny spring morning on my way back from the airport, i decided i was going to treat myself to a delicious breakfast. now, ive eaten a lot of fucking delicious breakfasts in my life, but no matter what day of the week it is, if someone offered me a chik fil a chicken biscuit i would take it hands down over anything else in the world (dave you know you miss that christian shit). anyway, they have these new things called chikn minis that are like a honey coated wet dream. to top it all off i went to the very first chick fil a ever to get those little bitches.

So what am i getting at? well, as i drove into the city sipping some tea with the windows down listening to outkast loud as fuck on a really nice stereo with giant subwoofers i was struck by a feeling of love and affection for my city that i often forget about. well i guess i dont totally forget about it but i definitely become complacent every once in a while.

Atlanta is unlike any city in the world and yes our public transit sucks, but it is fucking beautiful and all you people (you know who you are) who want to try and compare it to any other city in the world need to sit the fuck down and enjoy some southern hospitality. after all, its what we do best.

but, why should i do all the explaining when outkast can just prove it for me in a 30 minute cram session.

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mcmooatl said...

dude you just started my day out sooo riight, oh and those chicken mini's are the BOMB!

Witchyard said...

The Cathy family can suck a nut, but damn Jesus done put some juice on them little chickens. The 404 is my home.

Destructo said...

dude, i love atlanta, and if i ever move i will miss it sorely