Wednesday, March 25, 2009

fuck this: the new new world order

hello all, today im starting my series entitled 'fuck this'. todays topic is our lovely new president. enjoy. its loaded with links!

no. i know what youre thinking. no, im not done talking about obama. a lot of people gave up after the election. an elated sense of victory, denoted mostly by their 'yes we did' sticker on their car, right next to their nicely designed aesthetically pleasing obama/biden red and blue sticker. i can only imagine what was going through these peoples minds as they ordered them off the internet 'wow, its so great to be behind a candidate that actually CARES what their sticker looks like!', fucking idiots. it seems like a lot of the world would vote for anyone that put a bunch of shiny shit in front of their face. in fact, i think im going to try running for president based on the campaign that im covered in brightly colored fishing lures constantly. attached to the fishing lures will be commerative 9/11 dollars just to show that i really 'care' and have 'hope' for a new nation.

let me get to the point. america, you were duped. i was duped too, for a second, so dont go getting all righteous about that shit either. fortunately i saw through it soon enough before the election to see the shit coming from a mile away. so as someone that feels 'awakened' to the whole facade, let me state my points.

we have reached the era of celebrity government aka the new new world order. our nation used to be run by old rich white dudes who couldnt give a fuck about the common man (new world order) and is now run by some younger richer and more self centered and conceited political celebrities who couldnt give a fuck about the common man either (new new world order). this means that america is so absorbed in the fantasy of television and their fucked up fabricated version of reality that they will vote for a fucking turd no matter what their experience is, no matter how much they fuck up, and no matter what kind of political stance they have as long as they throw out INCREDIBLY blanket statements such as 'hope' and 'change' and have nicely designed posters. did most of america even think about what that might have meant or what those words even really indicate. have we come so far down the totem pole of intelligence that we are enticed enough by a boldly written four letter word that we would make the face behind said slogan the leader of the most powerful nation in the world? unfortunately, yes.

so what have we ended up with. a president that cares more about ncaa tournaments and inviting simon from american idol to the white house than actually running shit. a president that gave billions of dollars to CROOKS in his first weeks of office in an EMERGENCY timeline (less than 24 hours to read/analyse/vote on a 1000+page doccument), only so those crooks could get bonuses which are well in the millions of dollars range (oh no! and you thought he was for the little guy! guess what, these bonuses were 4 million bucks a piece and YOU paid for them). a president that is already considering taking over the banking system of our entire nation. a president that is more concerned with his blackberry, remodeling air force one, giving congressmen little electric golfcarts to drive around DC (not american made $30billion+) and what kind of dog his cute little kids are going to get. oh yes... and i have yet to mention that there is another 1TRILLION in the works.

wow. change. isnt it great. how far weve sunk since january 20th.

all in all i just feel sorry for america. and surprisingly i even feel a little sorry for republicans (goddamn i know, right?). they at least saw it coming. the sad part is that during the election i was one of those motherfuckers that could be heard spouting the rhetoric 'well its only up from here!'. sadly, our entire nation is built on the fragile stilts that assume the worth of everything based on our status in the world. credit, shes a whore of a bitch that will bite you right in the asshole, america. the common people know this, but for some reason the rich assume that they are impervious to all the normal rules that apply to everyone else in the world. our money=based on credit, our credit=owned by china, our chinese credit=about to get cashed in because the chinese are about to go onto a monetary system that is based on an immovable standard(the straw that will crush the american camels back. everyone knew it would happen one day, and everyone suspects it will demolish our economic system entirely. our dollar will be worth nothing). just the mention of it yesterday made the market backslide all of the progress that weve had in the early days of the week.

so prepare yourselves, america. soon all of your favorite tv stars will be running your government, just like you always wanted!

so is he really gonna be better than bush? i guess there is still a lot of time for redemption.
after all, he did close guantanamo move all the motherfuckers from guantanamo somewhere else and start holding people elsewhere (secret. shhhh)
and he is ending the war in iraq moving all our soldiers + some to afghanistan, an even longer and less successful war. at least it has legitimate purpose.


Witchyard said...

Well, you probably knew my contrarian ass was going to comment.

Let's talk about the shit we agree on first:
1. People that somehow thought electing Obama was going to be vastly different than electing any politician are idiots.
2. Obama had a well crafted strategy that included celebrity like buzz around him that helped him possibly win the whole election.
3. Closer attention should have been given to the bonus issue.

The disagreement list is a little longer, heh:
1. Sonjay Gupta was as good a choice for a bullshit public face position like Surgeon General as anyone. After all, he did fix Paul's brain. Regardless though, he turned the position down.
2. The problem with letting AIG fail as an entire company resides in the fact that they insure a large portion of the Credit Default Swaps, and if you let them fail all the companies who bought the swaps have a high potential to fail. Letting those companies fail could lead to a global meltdown.
3. The government can already cease a bank if it is going to collapse. It's called the FDIC. The problem is that the FDIC can't cease a company like AIG because they aren't a bank. This is just extending the ability for hopefully the FDIC, and not Treasury, to be able to preform the same function on a non-bank financial institution.
4. Sorry for Republicans? Come on. Next.
5. Two points about the Chinese cashing in debt. One, the Chinese seem to often say one thing, and then do another. They say they might be interested in changing the world standard monetary unit, but have stepped up their T-Bill purchasing recently. Secondly, they aren't going to get any help from the IMF because the US has veto abilities to any decisions the IMF makes.

articlescollective said...

oh rich, how thankful for your contrarian mind i am. let me clarify myself.

1)sanjay is the gateway. just like the fact that motherfucker danced to beyonce at his award ceremony. bigger than the grammys, bigger than the mtv awards. everyone you know was watching that shit. tell me the last time that happened. but heres where the whole thing ties in and we agree with one another. yes, obama had the craftiest strategy ever executed. undeniably. the celebrity buzz around him is what won his election and what will always keep his public opinion in the up and ups. after all, wether this includes you or not, we are a motherfucking celebrity loving (worshiping) nation, and thats exactly what im talking about.

2)aig. fail? no. 4million dollar bonuses? fuck no no no. thats pretty much my position on that. its no deeper than that. not to get libertarian or anything but ultimately paid for that shit and i can hardly pay to fucking eat mi barrio sometimes. shits bullshit. also, a bonus is a fucking reward and if you have to get bailed out (in the millions) by the government to save your bankrupt ass company you arent really performing on 'bonus' level.

3)yes, but they are going to start taking control of larger, failing insurance companies too. i know its a slippery slope but the conspiracist in me sees a trend of rule bending.

4)pure cynicism. its pretty sad to feel sad for the lowest of the low. the troll under the bridge. the bow and arrow of the gunpowder age. a dying breed of dinosaurs that will ultimately become something else under a different name. red v blue, its sad weve reduced it to just that.

5)whether they cash it in or not, we can see from today alone as evidence that even the scare of such a thing can send our market spiraling downward. what happens when we arent the standard anymore whether its the euro or the new 'international curreny' (which will be set to a non-fluctuating standard) were fucked either way. weve been resting on our laurels and somehow forgot that our money is based on the worth of our money (right? what the fuck?) and that the worth of our money crashes just like the stock market sometimes. so to pose a rebuttal to your rebuttal... recently... yes. but im not talking about 'recently'. and as your iron economic grip on the world wanes, does your veto ability?

haha i love this shit.


Witchyard said...

I am going to write this little preamble before I even read Spencer's comment. I just want everyone that reads the comments to know how much I liked the post Spencer made. I know it probably looks like I thought it was all wrong or something, but that is not the case at all. Most of my nitpicking is minor, and the overall message of the post is correct.

1. Gupta. See, I think Geitner is more telling of who he is choosing. Geitner is a former Fed. Res. chairman, and to me represents the group of people that fucked this shit up, and not you or I.

2. AIG. I don't really care about saving AIG, but we can't let the Credit Default Swaps that were sold become valueless. That is the problem. Really, the government should be doing more to convince financial institutions that these are not as toxic as they are being portrayed.

3. Yeah, slippery slope. I see where you are coming from, but like I said, we want the FDIC to do this. NOT a political group like the Treasury.

4. Any issue both parties agree on, just means that lobby group has enough money to pay both parties.

5. I really only take issue with the idea that China would just one day go, FUCK YOU NO MORE T-BILLS! Of course a natural competitor could take over the dollar, like the euro if they weren't so fucked too right now, but the likelihood of the world switching to the SDR is highly unlikely. The world will use the currency that has the best value/stability. So, I think China's message was more about saying, HEY DIPSHITS DON'T FORGET YOU AREN'T THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN. Just saber rattling. The larger issue of allowing them to buy up so much of our debt is a huge problem though. It's been a problem since the early 90's. It is in my opinion the biggest problem with running a country on credit. Something I know we agree on.

30cent said...

obama is a new face, a face that represents our generations unique desires and values (celebrity), but nevertheless nothing more than a new face on the same old shit. the neoliberal agenda will be pushed, period. all else is frivolous. if he wasn't completely down with pushing the global market forward (translation: the rape of all and everything in the conquest of capital) he would never have been elected. the interests of global capital has been and will continue to be the number one priority. tom hanks could be the next president if he was adept at seeing to this.

bushclintonbushobama different personality appealing to different sectors of the american population, working towards the same goal.

kegbenk said...

yeah my biggest qualm with obama's crew is that they are all wall st. cats. like all of them. not that there is anything with wall st. per say - i mean they have certainly without a doubt fucked us all in the ass with their horrible mismanagement of global capital - but whatever, they are frail and human and prone to error, fine. but to have these dudes and dudets be only sector of the economy to be represented in the executive branch of the government at this time seems to me to be the worst kind of joke. I mean is the logic that these fuckers screwed everything up so they are the only ones who can fix it? with even more diabolically intricate mechanisms that only Harvard Business School Alumni could possibly understand? Shit, i just hope these cats are as smart as they think they are, and that cool-confidence is not some over-reaching hubris waiting to be exposed at some later date. I mean homeboy wants to double(!) our already ginormous national debt by the end of his (cooly-assumed) second term, making us twice as beholden to our cash-ladden neighbors. That's some ballsy ass shit. Seriously tho talk about the nation going in the same direction with a new face. debt. debt. debt. It will be interesting to see the great celebrity salesman Mr. Obama hoc that thing (budget) to the people. If anyone can do it, he can.