Monday, March 30, 2009

I just acquired one of these today. It is called a ukelin as it is half violin and half ukelele, although looks more like a dulcimer than anything else. Production was stopped in 1964, so they aren't that easy to come by. Mine went for 40 bucks in the 1930's and still has the owners manual, song books, tuning key, and replacement parts catalogue (strings were a quarter each). I am really excited to learn how to make creepy noises on it (songs, as noted by George Carlin, are about a million too many), but first I need to get a new violin bow. I'll bring it next time I make it to Atlanta and we can record some sound waves off it.


the xarlacc said...

yessir we sure will ! congrats. Mammal- holler at me, i leave for the east in a matter of days and i want to hear your soothing voice mane.

articlescollective said...

damn that thing is tight. i bet it sounds fucking awesome.

also, weve really enjoyed playing your banjo on the porch man, come bring back that appalachie style, were all missin it.

andepie said...

sorry -- but that just made me jizz my pants. a million congrats!