Sunday, April 5, 2009


Corrupted 'Nadie' EP, 2008 Throne Records

Back again, and this week with a one million pound tortoise of a record, all the way from Osaka.. Hard to imagine something slower or heavier than this joint. These guys are some dark horses of the sludge/doom metal underworld. As I've listened to their records throughout the past eight years or so, it has become quite clear that they're in their own game altogether. They make no attempt to do anything traditionally relevant to Japanese hardcore except two immediately obvious things, which are to release an insanely prolific catalogue of records, and to seriously smash shit up like we've come to expect Japanese bands to do. But not like that, not like the bands you are thinking of. Try to imagine an army of overweight King Kongs and Godzillas, upset and stoned as fuck, and on lots of Xanex, destroying Japanese cities in fucking slooooow motion- that is Corrupted. Since 1994 they've been doing this with furious pace, many EPs, splits, and 12"s that all basically sound the same as the last one. Which is ironic, they put records out with prompt speed, but with each release they are slower and heavier. And each time the same stark, dead packaging...line their records up next to each other and it looks like a graveyard. Blacker than black. If you weren't in to them you would think this was the most boring shit you ever heard in your life. But nope they rule! Interested yet? Ok how about they've been singing in SPANISH since '94? And that they have never done an interview or got their photo taken willingly? Everything points to them smashing even more- I imagine them to live in the forgotten sewers of Japan and alienate themselves even further by speaking Spanish and plotting their next slower LP. Anyways Nadie is from 1995, finally released on vinyl last year. I listen to it frequently, especially "Esclavo," the ten minute B-side avalanche. Translated in three languages, the content certainly mirrors the funeral world vibe that the overall aesthetics have me imagining. Beautiful heavy matte gatefold jacket with a poster and equally heavy vinyl- totally ill. Limited of course, now would be the time to get it before it disappears from this planet forever. "El mundo callado/ laberinto sin salida/ mente oprimida/ Rezar a algo tantas y tantas veces/ por favor, haz que manana sea un dia diferente al de hoy. Realidad en un delusion // 閉鎖した世界/ 出口のない当惑/ は圧迫された心/ 何回も何かに祈りなさい/ 日を今日と別に明日する. 錯覚の現実 // Closed world/ maze without exit/ oppressed mind/ Pray to something many times/ please make tomorrow a day different from today. Reality in delusion."

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