Sunday, April 19, 2009


Insect Warfare 'World Extermination' LP 2007, Earache/625Thrashcore

Ah yeah guess who's back?! Missed you articles' dearly. But anyways fuck that this ain't no soap this is GRINDCORE fool! So this week we've got one of the greatest grind records I've heard, ever...World Extermination. Ruthless and to the point- this is not some tech bullshit or some wordy intellectual hardcore...this is a monster of a record and before you know it you'll be spraying blood out your nostrils and puking up black snot. Hailing from Houston they destroy shit and tour relentlessly- also they put out a pretty high volume of splits with other rad groups such as Hatred Surge, Carcass Grinder, and Agoraphobic Nosebleed just to name a few. But this 12" slays. I mean you can't fuck with the Warfare.. fuck everything vibe and what is not to love about that? Not here to make friends only to smash shit apart and make it bleed. Alot. An early poster of theirs featured a boy in a Locust t-shirt getting disemboweled.. once again these guys rule! GulfCoastGrindCore at its finest and most rad. Not too far back, my favorite zine Short Fast + Loud ran an interview with the band and it was just slamming. I am way curious to hear some of their new material, apparently its even less direct and on some noise grind shit..not even a bass or guitar on it, just drums vocals and noise noise noise. Harsh wouldn't do it properly, nor would ugly or corrosive or poisonous. Fucking your ghost into a pile of ashes and then pissing acid onto it and then extinguishing it with tears. Both vinyl pressings of World Extermination are out of print but goddamn if you don't need this to help you through those lonely nights in the fallout chamber or the psych ward or wherever you are tearing some shit apart. Who knows maybe you could use the be the judge. Their motto: 'Death to false grind!' Don't be fucking false! Dammit I just read they broke up the other week. So it goes. My homies, its good to be back.

oh and everything is terrible, in case you forgot


30cent said...

yes man, yes. that plate fucking kills. !

kegbenk said...

hahaha. that vid rules. "why don't you let me goee hooomee?"