Sunday, April 26, 2009


B.E.A.S.T.I.E. BOYS 'Some Old Bullshit' LP, 1983/1994 Grand Royal Records

Blastin from the past...Some Old Bullshit is a raw ass record and anyone into in the early sounds of New York hardcore should appreciate this. Not to mention that the Beastie Boys slayed shit and continued to do so for the next, oh I dunno, 15 years (debatably longer but I draw the line of relevance there with the release of Ill Communication in '94). Anyways to each his/her own but any band that has done seminal shit such as playing with Bad Brains, Cro-Mags, etc. and then continued to smash shit on rap records, crucial to the genres history, I mean you can't fuck with that shit. And also getting credit in dictionaries for coining the term 'mullet,' and saving Tibetan monks, the list goes on and on but you can read that elsewhere. So whatever Some Old Bullshit is without question one of my top Beastie Boys LPs, it is actually a collection of some EPs such as the Pollywog Stew 7" and Cooky Puss 12" and some tracks from a radio show. Plus some of the tracks feature their original drummer, Kate, and also original guitarist John (who King Ad-Rock replaced). Ah the Boys. If it ain't already obvious let me just state for the record that these dudes are the illest- no band has done that shit before. Some '79 NY punks who then got into rapping and used to be the craziest beer spraying crack smokers and then just straight took that shit to a whole different level and got smart. Similar to maybe the Wu, or Japan's Boredoms, it is next to impossible to imagine a group of this caliber that could smash it these days, much less in twenty years. [note- Respect to William Upski Wimsatt in his Bomb the Suburbs book, but these dudes didn't ruin shit- they just played the game and made up new rules along the way. I believe they kept creativity in the front of their program and weren't poster boys or exploiters, or that they 'shit the bed.'] Whatever though its not about that- it just adds to the tale- but damn these cats used to fucking rage and here goes the proof. We all knew about Heartattack Man and stuff like that but this is where it all came from. They were a part of all that shit... And on the vinyl obsessor vibe, I was pumped to score a first pressing (not the limited promotional 10" but the LP) off the fancy/rare wall of my local record shop- a situation that any of you vinyl addicts know is righteous. The Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Internal Excellence Boys rip and you ought to listen to them today for olde times sake. Chuch!

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heated mammal said...

Crazy, I was just singing "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" earlier today.But, I was also singing "River of Dreams" by Billy Joel, so I don't really know were that puts me (in life). Back in youthtimes me and my crew used to always blast Beasties on the way downtown to get pumped for skating and bmx'n. It always did the trick.