Wednesday, April 15, 2009

fever brooms

So, ive been trying to get jason to contribute to the articles for about a year now, but hes caught up in his own world of fever brooms. Jason is one of the craziest and coolest motherfuckers out there and has turned me on to some pretty dope tunes. the blog is tight, check it out and get a few chuckles. (dave, i think youll like this one).



sixtythreebears said...

this shit is weird as fuck but it grows on you after a couple of posts. i read the whole damn blog. p.s. pretty much the hottest photo of giselle

...aly... said...

I <3 fever broomzzzz + that pic... yowzah!

King of Daves said...

wow, that shit is really weird/cool. You should get him to join the articles. I feel like he's got just what we need. (Pictures of sexy babes)