Sunday, April 12, 2009





sixtythreebears said...

you forgot to put a smiley face on the uvula

heated mammal said...

That shit is tight. When I was a kid, Jaws was my favorite movie and I would watch it like three times in a row right before we went to Florida so that when I went swimming in the ocean I'd be scared as hell and my adrenaline would start pumping. i also really enjoy falling dreams (I guess they're nightmares really) in the same way.

PS: I'm reading Dune right now and thoroughly enjoying it. I probably wouldn't have picked it up without your official endorsement, so thanks. I'm on book 3 btw.

King of Daves said...

I am so pumped you are reading dune and digging it. The fourth book gets a little slow, but the fifth and sixth are tight as fuck.

the xarlacc said...

david i watched dune several nights before i left for zhuhai- i felt like you because i knew many quotes from it and impressed my ignorant friends who had not seen it before . i still have your copy of the novel. when my missing you gets unbearable, i lick the book until my tongue bleeds from hundreds of tiny papercuts. and then with the blood...uh nevermind

dirty 30 cent said...

eric dune fucking rules! agree bout the fourth. still need to read the fifth. thats word.