Sunday, May 10, 2009


Bone Awl 'Meaningless Leaning Mess' LP 2007, Klaxon Records

So its been a second since we had some quality Black Metal up in here. That ends today with this Bone Awl LP- a raging symphony of harsh two-man blistering cruelty from the lost world known as California. This shit slays. Not some poorly recorded kult shadow metal, or some boring blackened double-bass stuff, this record is on the primitive early Black Metal end of things. Sort of like the early Hellhammer or Venom stuff, it is wicked and fast. The songs are short, they maximize the peaked out static mess vibe, with howled raspy vocals over the whole thing. Grainy and raw, it has the noised out punk sound about it, a characteristic put forth to emulate the early crossover bands. Whatever though Meaningless Leaning Mess fucking rips and Bone Awl rules. Sonic razor blade damage to the ears and the face, all the spite and confrontation that you can shake a sword at. It also sort of echoes the alienated theme and strangeness of the great Rudimentary Peni, which is a big deal sort of. Since they got the Black Metal thing going on, they assume names as such- the members derive their names from the two magickal goats that pulled Thor's chariot across the universe. But they have nicknames too, the guitar/vocalist,'the one who gnashes teeth,' and the drummer,'the one who smashes teeth.' This record is serious, it feels like 200 gram vinyl and that alone is very rad. Housed in a most beautiful 6 x LP heavy poster sleeve that contains the bottom half of the cover image, this is what being into vinyl is all about. Klaxon Records is their label, they only release cassettes and records. And now check this- Bone Awl are touring the US this summer and in late June, they will be here in Atlanta. I have printed some tour posters of theirs- drop me a line if you would like one or would like to assist in their dissemination. They've put out a few 7"s since this- all of which smash. They disappear quickly. "FUCK A FACE SHE SHOULD JUST BE HAPPY SHE GOT HIT IN THE GRILL WITH A PUMP AND STILL GOT BOTH HER EYEBALLS." See you next week peoples.

*Second Wave of the Terrible Ten Lists- you all did an ill first run. So ante up, kill or be killed, do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Part Two debuts on this toilet earth!

ace-tops of the pops number a-alright dollar-sign one big ones pound-key
"sanders" creasy

in no particular order, if we still can use these terms
1) hagiography. particularly st. anthony.

2) heavy metal vomit parties.

3) caspar david friedrich (what a madman. never has one man used such bombast in the service of depicting so many dusk scenes to such great effect), franz schubert (die Winterreise, der Tot und das M├Ądchen, unstoppable), and romanticism generally.

4) being contrary. obvious benefits.

5) the jesus lizard reunion. a preemptive gesture to put them in the tops, but i have very little doubt.

6) being neither married nor burdened with child. i mean no slight against the hundreds of thousands of percents of my friends who are either married or have replenished the earth or both, but i console myself during those dark nights of the soul with the fact that when i die it will be utterly alone that i do so.

7) the fact the the bite itself cassette is finally going to come out soon.

8) going to grad school. getting paid to read books for at least five years and hopefully ride out the lowest of a big recession. the downside of course is trying to find a job as a college professor after that period. there are no jobs. but at least, when dining out and having made a reservation, upon being told "your table is ready, mr. creasy," i will be able to say "DR. creasy" with that obnoxious and smug tone.

9) deep fried catfish.

10) the fortitude of a 67 year old man who has lost his home in an earthquake. his charming italian accent, his impressive french. his beleaguered but optimistic humour in the face of catastrophe. his generosity to a stranger on a train from rome to paris.
S.Creasy is a prolific human, international 007-like figure currently de-boning the invitations of several Ivy League institutions. He will now live in California and has performed his magick as part of the noise groups Pig Heart Transplant and Bite Itself, also asserts himself in the band Unpersons.


sixtythreebears said...

love the dark avenues of sound (and collage) with this record. schedule request in effect. enjoyed snugging of review with pre-doctoral creasian wisdom.

Lord Sabbat said...

that artwork is off the chayne. lord zanderz - still want a tape homie. been enjoying 'hope you enjoy heaven'