Sunday, May 31, 2009


Agoraphobic Nosebleed, 'Agorapocalypse' LP 2009, Relapse Records

Whoa damn whats cracking. This time around we got some ugly beastly shit. Fierce metal mayhem from the anti-heros Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Smashing shit apart, grinding it to shreds since 1994, ANb are the case and point to the whole extreme metal thing, a salty term for the sonic rampage they do, goddamn they pulverize. Or really, it has been one dude for most of the time, Scott Hull. He is also the guitar of Pig Destroyer, and ANb has simultaneously wrecked shit the whole time PD has done theirs. A few different members through the years and have changed their sound on each record a bit each time, and they've put out fucking gigantic stacks of limited and obscurely sized vinyl. They slay, and rule their realm completely. What it is, is drum machine grindcore, inspired from what Hull said was "Out of sheer frustration over the lack of [fucking superhuman future soldier] drummers." As nasty and pointless as it can be, at that. They never play live, only once kind of a few years ago (cause it would've been impossible). And plus it would "instantaneously shatter your nerves and make a bull's eye out of your mind," a real problem for venues. They used to for real do 2000bpm, three second songs, Altered States of America 10" LP from 2003 had 100 songs in like 20 minutes and most of the 7" material is equally harsh and stuntman type shit, but don't pass it off as a novelty or not serious, because it fucking slays. Listen to Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope (2002) if you want to hear how insane that shit is. How 'brutal' can it get, type shit. But as of the past several releases, they've gotten much more direct and maybe started using real drums(?), to continue the incessant beatings and face destroyings. Alas, Agorapocalypse has a 4 member ANb lineup, a hugely heavy sound that only a full band could execute, it kind of reminds me of Prowler In the Yard era Pig Destroyer, throwback death metal grindcore with drums that punish. It is depressing and negative and just over the top, as a proper LP should be. Definitely the most interesting version of Agoraphobic Nosebleed for me, mainly due to it just being wicked how they continue to push the shit further and further into the red with each record. There are layers of noise and ill samples and the production overload sounding shit makes your stereo reach its maximum potential- which fucking rules unless you are a total pussy (n/h, n/o). Not for all the time, but for those 'special times.' Limited Relapse vinyl, heavy gram, but my only complaint is that the 12 page booklet included (which of course is a cool thing in theory) was sort of lame- they should have gotten the guy who did the cover illustration to do it cause whatever. Why do it unless it would be rad as fuck? Nonetheless the Agorapocalypse LP kills- also check the split 7" with Crom that just came out right after it. They should call it 'euthanasia-core.'

and this week with,
Big and Tall Adam

Top 10 lately:

1. Being pulled by large dog on found Barbie skateboard

2. Air organ, $12 at thrift store

3. Reading about dead celebrities

4. Finding a small deaf dog, named Coinstar

5. Crowd at Mayhem show

6. Not being fired

7. Royal Trux - "Twin Infinitives" 2xLP

8. Grilled corn on the cob

9. Inflatable kiddie pool in yard

10. Coffee ice cubes

Adam lives across the street from me and what an ill neighbor situation that is. He plays bass in the SC/HC band Thank God, as well as in the ATL drunk underwater nitrous oxide band Big and Tall. Who else has neighbors who are into grindcore and DIY ethics, power and unity to those who keep it real in the neighborhood.

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heated mammal said...

I was just thinking about Agoraphobic Nosebleed the other day, and now I know that they have some new shit. I like AN, plus they have one of the best band names I can think of.