Sunday, May 24, 2009


Big Business 'Mind the Drift' LP 2009, Hydra Head Records

Alright then bloodsisters/brothers- here we are again- and as things constantly change around us, you know you can always count on records to uplift your shit. Alas this week the new Big Business LP is riding shotgun- which is both a surprise and a mind wrecker. I say it like that because after the two members of the band joined the Melvins a while back, and then the Melvins did a bunch of stuff and recorded some ripping shit with their obvious influence, it seemed uncertain what the next BB album would be like cause they went a lot of new places since the last couple LPs, Here Come the Waterworks and Head For the Shallow. I liked those, but honestly spent little time banging them, I don't know something about those two records didn't do it for me all the way. I liked the first LP. Well anyway they kept it banging, like real banging, which is obvious early on into Mind the Drift. Matured sounding and generally heavier, it is great. I expect some different shit from these guys, and feel the need to restate my love for an older band of the singer/bass J.Warren, who is Karp, a stoner sludge band who slayed shit with totality in the 1990s. But you see, Big Business is on some weird sludge meets classic rock, meets Viking sounds, and added a Japanese guitar player and some organs and got a fancy producer. The results are strange but let me restate, are slamming. They're writing rock opera sounding shit now but its still low as fuck with fuzzy bass and gruff vocals that twist around with guitar harmonies and memorable vocal melodies and shit. The record is dark though, it has a Harvey Milk sound sort of, even throwback Civil War vibe to it, but the songs are to listen to while solo and lonesome. You will feel like you are fighting a battle and shit. They circulate around my headphones as I author this, and any record that can really dance through your headphones RIPS, don't forget about that. Also let me dance around these words too- though I was blessed with a giant stack of new LPs this week, all of which punish, this new Big Business straight stimulated my mind. The listening adventure was just that, a ride through some ill shit. Returning back, I remember flashes of some really fucking nasty drums and some crushing bass with straight up banshee vocals singing bubblegum sounding shit, which I love [note- check the Karp review from last year]. Anyways these old dudes still got it here on their 4th record and its dope to hear some original shit these days, real shit. We're all up to our necks in recycled vomit and ashes and dead shit. This LP came out last week so it should appear soon locally- its Hydra Head vinyl, you know what to expect...over the top, quality LPs with heavy everything, proper. Thanks guys.

and this week with,
The Zza
bottom ten things i lke to think i like when asked about liking things that i am fond of liking.

1, warm beer cold women. im not cheating, this counts as one thing. if you dont know now you know

2. being not a middle man but the middleman. apparently the best drugs come from a friend of a friend because drug dealers aint friends.

3. my psychiatrist. oh you think you know think your gettin in my head, analyzin my dome piece. naw minds playin tricks on you.

4. friends with money and drugs or money for drugs. friends with drugs for money aint friends: refer to number 2.

5. bubblegum in the ashtray. i knew it was bubblegum because of the ashy bubble i blew.

6.not having toilet paper. water softened creative loafing pages work like a charm...a shit stained unlucky charm.

7.ramen with a shitload of ground pepper. im talkin covered. pretend the ramen is obama and the pepper is white guilt.

8.rachael ray. okay now..i truly love this woman...her raspy voice satisfies a desire somewhere between having sex with the sister i never had and watching a demonstration on how to cook crack in less than 30 min.

9.cutting my rad nasty bird nest shitfunked afro. no more compliments from 42 year old women at the kroger. no more going home with 42 year old women i met at the kroger. shucks.

10. The skin on my teeth. Its how im always getting by. Its more a film, that colgate couldnt brush away.

Zachariah is local gentleman scum of the highest order. He floats through his days as if he were a ghost, a true ghastly mane he is. We love him dearly. Homeboy Snatch A Sack Zach moves to the Bay Area this week, after an 8 year bathroom break in Atlanta. You will be missed holmes! Don't worry man, I will continue to do my thing. Power and Unity.


King of Daves said...

Fuck yes my friend. This shit truly does rip, excellent pick. Thanks for keeping a far away dude in mind.

the xarlacc said...

uungh. thats what this thing is for my mane.